I hope that you enjoyed your visit to our site. LATAMA.net grew out of my passion for spring-steel
that began when I was a boy. I would travel on the subway from Flushing Queens to
Manhattan for the sole purpose of window shopping for Italian switchblades.
(If my Mother ever knew…)

Back in the early 1950’s LATAMA switchblades were prominently displayed in souvenir shops
and cutlery store windows smack in the heart of Times Square.
Literally hundreds of every size
and scale variation that would astound me. Even then, I knew that there was something very
special about these quality knives. I had the opportunity to fire one of the LATAMA’S and I
was hooked for life on the sound and authority that it had when you pressed that magic button!

I am excited about the potential for LATAMA.net and I think you will be as well. It is my intention
to share my passion and create knives that cannot otherwise be found in today’s knife market
that are affordable
.These new knives, along with vintage knives and other rare treasures
will be available to add to your collection.

In addition, QUICK RELEASE knife lubricant is proud to sponsor “The NEWSLETTER Archives”.
Interesting, rare, historical and priceless information and photos from “The Automatic Knife Resource Guide
and Newsletter” created by Sheldon Levy that was devoted to the world of Spring-Steel first published 1992.

The art of the Italian Switchblade, information and quality spring-steel is what LATAMA is all about.

Walt Halucha

Malgosia and Walt  

your interest

in what
we do.


contact LATAMA: at 631-668-5995
P.O. Box 721. Montauk, NY 11954