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There are five different model knives in this vintage series, which can be finished in gold, gold plate, or sterling silver, and can be monogrammed with words and initials.
Our Latama Vintage Series knives are original production knives made in the 1950s and 1960's. These skeleton knives where discovered in storage in a wharehouse in Maniago. We have had them fitted with various handle materials including bone, wood, pearl and celluloid.
This gentleman knife series has a modern look with brushed stainless steel matte finish for a very “polished” look that is also available in sterling silver and black and white checker mother of pearl.

Let me take you back to a simpler time: New York in the 1950s:
Men wore tailored suits with creases in their pants so sharp they could almost cut you, snap brim fedoras, wing-tip shoes with spit-polish shines that were blinding. They “shot their cuffs” through their jacket sleeves and showed off their fancy cuff links. People took pride in their appearance and their work. The post-World War II generation was building skyscrapers that touched the sky. GI Loans paid for houses in the suburbs and sent people to college. Television was the new medium and industry was booming. The world was changing and growing fast. It was a time of optimism, where the belief was that you could do anything you could set your mind to. It was a time of quality and effort. “Pride in your work” and “Build to Last” was the goal of everybody who worked at a desk or picked up a pen, a shovel, a jackhammer, or fine precision tools. It was a time of craftsmanship.

It was not only New York, but every big city was coming of age in the 1950s. Along with his fountain pen, cigarette lighter, and handkerchief, the well dressed man carried a pen knife, which was also known as a “Gentleman Knife.” And collectors of high end knives knew that LATAMA was the ultimate in Gentlemen’s Knives.

Collectors of high-end knives know the same thing those collectors of high end watches know: Every watch tells time the same way that most knives cut. But with a high end watch or knife you’re not buying just springs and metal- you’re buying history. You’re buying the craftsmanship and detail of great artisans that will connect you to another time and will also make you proud to own, gift, and share the product, and pass it along to the next generation.

Now you can connect back to this pristine “Golden Era” by owning a piece of it. Recently, a shipment of original, pristine LATAMA Gentlemen Knives have recently been discovered sitting in a warehouse and have been stored for years in mint condition. These treasures were made by the legendary Sam Polk during the “Golden Era.” We have uncovered knives of various sizes and with different types of cutting blades, files and scissors. We’ve finished the handles in jig bone, mother-of-pearl and other exotic materials and the results have been breathtaking. It will not only bring you joy to look at and to hold, but each knife also holds with it a sense of purpose and history.
Some believe that giving a knife as a gift brings bad luck. To dispel the myth Sam Polk created the penny antidote. In each gift box there is a penny and poem continuing in Sam’s tradition. “Here’s a gift with a purpose and a penny, too. May they both bring you luck and much pleasure to you.” Whether put to use everyday or added to a collection, your LATAMA Gentlemen’s Knife – A Gift With A Purpose – represents a big part of what Sam Polk created so many years ago.

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