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Knife Mechanisms Volume Two

Numerous knife mechanisms are covered from simple blade lockings to complex automatic switchblades. This book looks inside the mechanical marvels and explains their inner workings, in simple language, but in great detail. There are many hundreds of drawings and photographs to accompany the explanations. Some world class knife designers are profiled along with their signature mechanism designs. This is a follow up to Knife Mechanisms just for the fun of it, which was the first ever book published on knife mechanisms.

Knife Mechanisms Volume Two LeRoi Price offers a deep dive into the composition of knife mechanisms and how they work.

Price presents information that can at times get quite technical in an easy to digest, conversational tone which makes reading a truly enjoyable experience. Coupling this with countless illustration and photos and you are left with a masterpiece covering a wide array of popular knife mechanisms. 

Alongside explanations and reference points, Price also includes knife maker and knife design biographies as well as many personal stories that encompass far more than just how knives work. This definitive guide is perfect for anyone looking to expand their understanding of knife design and lock operation.