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Designed for single-handed operation.

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0-60 in .003 seconds. With the press of a button, the patented QuickClick® releases our Cheetah faster than the eye can see. It is nimble and precise and can turn on a cork.

The world's fastest automatic corkscrew has four patents but the only name you need to remember is Latama QuickClick®. This cheetah corkscrew, one of the dozens in our designer series, could be the first in your collection.

  1. The patented Foilkut® safely and quickly cuts and removes any foil capsule in just ¼ turn
  2. Just push the button! The switch releases both the screw and the lever in one automatic motion.
  3. The patented tapered and grooved LongCork® screw twists easily into the cork.
  4. The patented x.tend® lever slides to create a vertical path for any size wine bottle, making cork extraction effortless.
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The Quick Click name and logo are trademarks of Latama Cutlery.