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Coltello a scatto antico italiano Switchblade


  • Printed in Italy.
  • Hardcover 160 pages.
  • 250 First Editions
  • ISBN: 979 1220036887
  • Limited Edition #

    The Antique Italian Switchblade Knife

    The definitive book on antique Italian Switchblades.

    Included are 300 photographs, 130 of which are of rare and historical knives that take you through the evolution of the iconic Italian Switchblade.

    Uniquely printed in both Italian and English.

    Each of the 250 First Editions are numbered and autographed by the author Paolo Aldigieri.

    To date, this is by far the best reference book on the DNA of Italian Switchblades.

    With only 250 copies in print, don't miss out on your opportunity to own this unique and stunning historic breakdown of antique Italian Switchblades.