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French Horn Tip 33cm (Collection "7")

French Horn Tip 33cm (Collection "7")

French Horn Tip is cut from the very tip of the horn.  This is the highest quality and most beautiful part of the horn.  Because it is the tip, there is less of it, making it exceedingly rare.  French Horn Tip is often reserved for hand-crafted works of art.  The horn enhances the value of any collectible knife and with it creates a unique and irreplaceable treasure.

This horn collection contains 5 pairs of 33cm French Horn Tip. Each piece measures 5-1/2" x 7/8" x 1/4".  Perfect size for a 33cm Italian switchblade, but can be used on any knife handle.

$ 365 $ 312

when French Horn Tip 33cm (Collection "7") becomes available.

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