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LC48 LATAMA 7 1/2 inch Flat Guard Switchblade

LC48 Latama 7½ inch Flat Guard Switchblade

An Original CLASSIC! Only two tiny areas of light pitting on an otherwise pristine blade (2 MM X 1mm pitting area”. Blade is unsharpened. Locking hole drilled through. Unusual variation with firing button that is well rear of center of scale, pinned brackets, original pristine dovetailed spring. Solid black horn scales. Front scale has a small crack at front pin. Scales show no shrinkage or dermestid activity. Open lockup is slightly loose. Blade sits deep in the closed position, and the safety works properly, marked "LATAMA" in slanted block letters. This cool old knife is in 90% condition. This is one example of a Latama that may have been made in Frosolone.

$ 1,500 $ 1,125

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