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S-31 Crane Ice Cream switchblade

S-31 Crane Ice Cream

This adorable pen knife was manufactured by the Globe Cutlery Company in Solingen, Germany around the turn of the century.  It was intended to be a promotional gimmick for Crane Ice Cream which is clearly engraved into the blade in large capital letters.  Also visible is the Omega tang stamp which was Globe Cutlery's logo at the time.

The trigger releases the blade and fires the integral kickspring with a satisfying "flick".  The intricate handle design was produced by stamping in steel sheet.  Some of the original nickel plating remains.  This is quite a rare find as few of these have survived the century since they were first produced.

Featured in The Newletter Vol. 10 No. 2, page 15. Measures 5½ inches open.

$ 280

when S-31 Crane Ice Cream becomes available.

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