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V61 Ochs Navy Seal Black Knife

Ochs Navy Seal Black Knife (1993 Edition)

The Navy Seal Black Knife attained a legendary status in the world of automatic knives.  They were originally designed by Ron Miller and then produced by Charlie Ochs between 1988 and 1994. The engineering was revolutionary in that it was the first automatic knife to incorporate a coil spring as the firing mechanism. This prevented blade sticking problems often seen in kickspring automatics. Every coil-fired automatic made today owes it's existence to the original Navy Seal Black Knife.

The original design had sterile handles. This one has "MADE IN USA" stamped at the bottom of the handle. Only 700 of these were was made during a production run in 1993. The story was that Charlie wanted to differentiate his knives from the growing number of knock offs on the market.

Featured in the Newsletter Vol. 1 No. 4, page 6-7.  Measures 9-1/2" open with a 4" blade.


$ 375

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