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Will Hanna's Portfolio of Patents Portfolio #1 - Legends of Knife

Will Hanna's Portfolio of Patents Portfolio #1 - Legends of Knife

by Will Hanna, reprinted by LATAMA Cutlery

The Book of Knife Patents contains 163 patents from 1859 to 1996 and represents a wide range of subject matter. There are a few switchblades, gravity knives, and some butterfly knives, and many patents for mechanisms that open or lock a blade, different means of construction, and knives with unusual features.

During the 1990s, Mr. Will Hanna researched interesting and unusual American knife patents and published collections of them in book form. Each patent is reprinted in its entirety, with all drawings and all of the original explanatory text; nothing has been added to them beyond indexes sorted by date, inventory, and patent number. Detailed drawings and technical information make them very useful resources for collectors researching knives produced under these patents, and also for knife makers and designers interested in studying mechanisms in detail.

Soft cover, comb bound, 675 pages.

$ 39.95

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