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Ancient Knives From North-West Italy And Sardinia

The book explores the art and history of the switchblade.

This passion guided the author on an in-depth journey through the genesis, evolution and materials of these tools. The book traces the history of switchblades from the ancient Greek and Roman civilizations, through medieval artifacts, up to the industrial production of the 1970s. It focuses in particular on knives from Piedmont, Valle d'Aosta, Lombardy, Liguria and Sardinia, offering a detailed journey through high-definition photographs.

The author shows exclusively 87 models of Sardinian and Leppas knives, from the first Campidanese styles to the first models from the beginning of the 20th century, by the wise Pattadesi masters, appreciating the various evolutions and ancient working methods.

  • Included are 500 photographs in high definition
  • Each of the 250 First Editions is numbered.
  • Texts in Italian and English.

This book marks the final installment in our comprehensive series on Italian knives. It completes the journey through Italy's rich history of craftsmanship, showcasing the finest examples of blades from across the country.