Automatic Knife Resource Guide & Newsletter Archives

From 1992 to 2003, The Automatic Knife Resource Guide and Newsletter was a unique resource for automatic knife collectors, makers and sellers. “The Newsletter” documented the development of the most noted names in the automatic knife world: names like Pro-Tech, Microtech, Mikov, Al Mar, and Benchmade, including vintage automatic dating back to 1780. It did so with enlightening articles and features by people like Prof. Dan Fuller, Pete McMickle, Bubba, Bill DeShivs and of course Sheldon Levy’s insights and observations. Then, and now, no serious automatic knife collector should be without the essential compilation of information on spring steel.

The Newsletter Archives gives you access to articles and features that not only cover the development of automatic knives, but actually helped shape the environment of automatic knife collecting that exists today. As a bonus, each issue has been meticulously restored with original photos from the files of Sheldon Levy, meaning that in many cases the photography is significantly improved from the original print editions – some photographs are now in full color!

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