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Vol. 9 No. 1

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Newsletter Contents:

  • Outstanding custom–Gold inlays intricately engraved–kicks off the cover.
  • Solingen's premiere switch maker shows cool prototype folding guard design.
  • New high-tech spring-steel–in mini-size too. The illustrious firm of Al Mar weighs in.
  • Switchblades on ebay and blade auction - Switchblades in "Rebel Without a Cause" - Prof. Dan Fuller
  • Wolf, Schaffhausen, D-handled saber switch almost two feet o/a - Dr. Pete McMickle
  • The Rumble, Rizzuto Estileto
  • Borger "BLIZZARD" cnc-milled coil
  • GT Knives "Divotmaster" cnc-milled coil
  • Hubertus "Guardian" prototype- "Muster"
  • Kious, Joe custom w/Rados Damascus Kruschke-type
  • Mar, Al mini w/cigar cutter
  • Picklock w/blacksmith tang stamp 18cm
  • Piranha Knife Co. cnc-milled coil
  • Saber, folding "WOLF SCHAFFHAUSEN" c.1880
  • Schrade 3-3/8in. dbl. ender w/tip bolsters mother pearl
  • WOLF Schaffhausen, folding saber c.1880