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The "Next Generation" of knife and gun oil that adheres to metal on a molecular level

Quick Release Oil penetrates, lubricates, and protects, extending the life of your tools that you depend on.

It is specially formulated that forms a layer of protective film to minimize friction, driving out dirt and moisture, and keeping moving parts clean by preventing the buildup of dust and deposits.

  • Pinpoint Lubrication
  • Emulsifies Dirt and Corrosion
  • Friction Fighter

Guns, folding knives, firearms, automatic switchblades, fishing reels, all tools, locks, and anything with moving metal parts will last longer and work better when you Quick Release It!

When it comes to lubricating, restoring, and protecting metal, moving parts experts and professionals depend on professional formula Quick Release Oil.

Read what professionals have to say about the life extending properties of QUICK RELEASE OIL:

I'm afraid there isn't ANYTHING not to like about it. Its lubricity has no equal to anything I've ever used. Please pass me some more Quick Release Oil!
Paul "BURN" Panak
Custom Knife Maker

I have tried them all including being a distributor for one. I immediately applied it to one problem knife. Since this application, it has not failed!
Thanks a million
Tom Johnson

This stuff is amazing! It really works. I used it on a tight rebuild. Militec did not help. Removed the Militec and used Quick Release Oil. The knife worked immediately.
Bill De Shivs
Custom Knife Maker

It's all I've used for the past 7 years, for oil even on my guns and anywhere else that needs lubricating. It's the best stuff I have ever used and trust me I have used a bunch of stuff.
Michael (Tank) Fisher
Custom Knife Maker

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