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Latama Knife RestorationWe can clean and in most cases restore (Re-Grind Blades) to the original shape and luster. Replace parts such as springs, bolsters, and guards. Patch bone with very accurate proficiency and fill in bug holes. When possible we use original parts from old stock or fabricate most any part. In addition, we can do some welding on blades to repair the tang notches.

We will NOT weld blades back on to tangs if your blade is broken off. We will weld them behind the Tang Stamp and fix a broken shoulder. The Knife will be marked T/K scribed discreetly somewhere on the inside liner visible with a light if it has been apart.

Most jobs are quoted with the knife in our hands for better accuracy of cost. Sending an email to pick@latama.net with pictures would be the best way to start the process.

Our exclusive selection of the finest Brazilian Black & White, Blond Honey Horn and exotic French Horn Tip used to restore or give a face-lift.