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Vol. 8 No. 4

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Newsletter Contents:

  • We begin with a smorgasbord of spring steel on the cover! Great stuff....
  • Professor Fuller presents a pretty cool auto of his own – Lookin' for its origins.
  • Switchblade finds at knife shows - "Transition" switches - Prof. Dan Fuller
  • W.J. McHenry goes Great Gonzo in this issue's latest & greatest, "The Rumble".
  • 38cm picklock w/catalog shot from 1920's as well as mini-vintage picklocks.
  • Samuel C. Wraggs Celebrated Dirk Knife c.1840s - Dr. Pete McMickle
  • The Rumble, S.O.C. (*Stream of Consiousness)
  • Astor 12cm picklock
  • Buck 110 conversion
  • Cumberland Mountain Knife
  • Dynamic Design, OTF
  • Gun-shaped picklocks c.1950s
  • Latama, gun-shaped picklock handle
  • Maniago 38cm picklock c.1925
  • Paragon, "Cobra" high-tech coils -
  • PressButton, Sterling silver c.1890s
  • PUMA Booster, high-tech coil
  • Richter, R. J. 14cm picklock
  • Wragg, Samuel C., Sheffield c.1840s