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Vol. 8 No. 2

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Newsletter Contents:

  • A NEW switchblade from the illustrious PUMA. (For real, but a disappointment)
  • Handcrafted custom switchblades from the other side of the planet–Lithuania.
  • Elegant oldies, but goodies. An assortment of rare vintage spring steel.
  • Dr. McMickle's back with a pristine turn-of-the-century salesman's sample.
  • Switchblade knife and the "Little Rascals" - Criminal use of a switchblade - Prof. Dan Fuller
  • The Rumble, "The Magna Cutter"
  • Gondola figural keychain c.1960s
  • Gutman Cutlery Co., Germany/Springer
  • Latama picklock 12cm w/cracked ice celluloid
  • McHenry, Wm J. custom traditional Italian flavor
  • Pakistan, "No.6 Sheffield" lever-action
  • Picklock, 28cm w/Venetian gondola tang stamp
  • PressButton dbl. ender, salesman' s sample
  • PUMA "Booster", high-tech coil
  • Puma/springer, " Purna-Werk, Germany" c. 1960s
  • Ruibys, Vaidotas, Lithuania, asst. customs
  • Venetian, "De Bin Venezia" mother of pearl c. 1940s
  • Zoppis cam per model