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Vol. 6 No. 2

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Newsletter Contents:

  • Switchblades and the law - Possibility of switchblade show/meeting/convention - Prof. Dan Fuller
  • Unmarked, most unusual style/embellishments 19th century and coil fired - Dr. Pete McMickle
  • Sewing thimble w/coil fired blade c.1940
  • Dirk, unmarked w/coil kickspring c.1880s
  • Edwin Jay, Picklock
  • Flylock 3-3/8in. dbl. enders
  • Flylock/stainless fisherman
  • Hubertus Rescue Tool
  • Hubertus Z-2000
  • McHenry, Wm J. 7- 1/8in. Custom w/tortoise scales
  • Mella, Picklock
  • Press Button "One Arm" fork/knife
  • Smith & Wesson switch