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Vol. 3 No. 3

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Newsletter Contents:

  • Knock-offs/Quality - Prof. Dan Fuller
  • The 19th Annual OKCA Show
  • Forget "The Needle" folks, THE VIPER is here!
  • Spring Steel Olé - Spanish Spring Steel
  • Aitor, Spain/levers & OTFs
  • Barnes, G.L. "Four Speed Auto" custom
  • Cristando, Frank/custom miniature 24kt gold
  • Hammer Brand, toothpick c.1950s
  • Hoskins, John/custom w/engraving
  • Latama, picklock restoration
  • Matador, Spain/product ion switch
  • McHenry, Bill/custom OKCA winning entry
  • Vallotton, Butch/custom VIPER
  • Viper/Butch Vallotton custom