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Vol. 6 No. 3

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Newsletter Contents:

  • 19th Century switchblade knife pistol, a Reese Torrit “before & after” restoration.
  • Exotic antique spring steel from Prof. Pete McMickle.
  • New "Pen Blade" release switchblade from Hubertus.
  • New production knife-pistol chambered for percussion.
  • First mention of "Switchblade Sisters" to rent - Bogus switchblades to watchout for - Prof. Dan Fuller
  • French sommelier's knife w/addl. penblade and corkscrew c.1880s - Dr. Pete McMickle
  • The BIG and Small of it! Italian display switches.
  • BAZAR knife-pistol 9mm Federal c.1895
  • French "squeeze" action
  • French c.1880s w/corkscrew & pen blade
  • Henckels, J.A. lever action c.1920s
  • Hubertus Lingard-type action
  • Latama miniature 2-3/8in o/a
  • Latama/Macy's display c.1950
  • LaVesca, large display model c.1950
  • Tenmil percussion knife-pistol