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Vol. 9 No. 3

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Newsletter Contents:

  • A NEW CONTEST! Original Hardcover copy of the Myers' book to the winner!
  • A variety of "tactical" cnc, coil-fired autos from Al Mar, MOD, Paragon, etc.
  • An end of an era–Boker's stalwart #715 is to be no more.
  • Research use of word "switchblade" - Vintage switchblade prose - Prof. Dan Fuller
  • Frosolone, c.1800s w/weight scale built into rear pommel - Dr. Pete McMickle
  • The Rumble, "The Mechanism"
  • Way cool Damascus from bladesmith, John C, Richter. And much, MORE!
  • Boker #715, traditional "springer", lever-action
  • Colt, trap-door release mechanism
  • Frosolone, Italian w/weight scale c.1800s
  • Hubertus "Guardian" model w/swing guard
  • Italian "FROSOLONE" w/built-in scale c.1800s
  • Mar, A."Auto S.E.A.R" w/presentation case
  • Mar, Al "S.E.R.T." cnc-milled coil
  • Masters of Defense, "CQD" model, cnc-milled coil
  • Paragon, "ATKO" Model 10, cnc-milled OTF
  • Richter, John C. customs, embellishment/Damascus
  • Smith & Wesson, "Twist-Release" action