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Vol. 7 No. 3

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Newsletter Contents:

  • Spectacular humongous display switch from the 19th century graces the cover.
  • "Interview with The Viper" -Bill McHenry does some Q&A with Butch Vallotton.
  • Spring Steel gems -- flat-guard Latamas, mint Case lever and much, much MORE!
  • Switchblades in movies - A look at the movie, "The Cross and the Switchblade" - Prof. Dan Fuller
  • Graefenberg, Navaja display knife - Dr. Pete McMickle
  • The Rumble, "Interview with The Viper"
  • Case #6061L lever-action c.I920s
  • Finenburg, J., unfolding action c.1910
  • Gebruder Krusius , Solingen 19-3/4in. display model
  • Graefenberg, large French display c.1800s
  • H.K.&S., Germany, rear knob release c.1930s
  • Latama picklocks, flat-guards.
  • Leatherbrand, Germany, rear knob release c.1930s