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Vol. 8 No. 1

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Newsletter Contents:

  • Some cool new dazzlers from Microtech.
  • "California Legal" –High-Tech mini's from G-T and ProTech.
  • The Bayou's "Wizard of Spring Steel", Charlie Drake–in THE RUMBLE.
  • The VIPER's creator tickles your imagination, the COOLEST front opener!
  • The "AK-47" Russian-made switchblade-s-Covert switchblades - Prof. Dan Fuller
  • Bunting, Sheffield - Dr. Pete McMickle
  • Folding guard, mother of pearl scales, no markings - Dr. Pete McMickle
  • ASTOR, ITALY 37-1/2in. displaypicklock
  • Bunting, R., Sheffield, c.1800s
  • Dake, Charlie/ lavishly embellished custom
  • French, swing-guard, mother of pearl c.1800s
  • G.T. Knives, mini-high-tech coil
  • Halo, mini, Microtech
  • Microtech mini-Halo
  • Microtecb "Nemesis" OTF
  • Microtech, SOCOM high-tech coil
  • Nemesis, Microtech OTF
  • ProTech Knives, mini high- tech coil
  • Raimondo, 28cm picklock
  • SOCOM, Microtech
  • UDT, Microtech, mid- sized
  • Vallotton, Butch custom OTF