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Vol. 6 No. 1

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Newsletter Contents:

  • The "Golden Age" of switchblades - Various types of collecting - Prof. Dan Fuller
  • Marshes & Shepard, Pond Works, Sheffield c.1840s - Dr. Pete McMickle
  • Switchblade lapel pins by Jason Williams
  • Flylock 3-3/8in. dbl. ender, 14K gold
  • Flylock 3-3/8in. dbl. ender, Gold filled
  • Fox, Paul "The Gorgon " exotic custom
  • Herbertz, C. Jul, Coil kicksprings
  • Latama, lever-action, "BREVETT" on lever
  • Marshes & Shepherd, Pond Works, Sheffield c.1828
  • Masterpiece, Microtech OTF w/folding guard
  • Microtech, Halo-style OTF w/folding guard
  • Mikov, Czech Republic, lever action
  • Schrade 2-7/8sin. dbl. ender, molasses
  • Schrade 3-3/8in. dbl. ender, asst. w/tip bolsters
  • Schrade 3-3/8in. dbl. ender, molasses
  • Schrade 3-3/8in. dbl. ender, mother of pearl
  • Schrade 3-3/8in. dbl. ender, Rogers bone
  • Schrade 3-3/8in. dbl. ender, sterling silver
  • Schrade 4in. dbl. ender, spey bld., elephant ivory
  • Tenmil, 3in. front opener