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Articles by Issue

Volume 1 Number 1

Automatic Knife Resource Guide and Newsletter introduction

Switchblades - The Contemporary Scene

Switchblade dealer guide

The "Spetztatz" ballistic knife

Volume 1 Number 2

UPDATE: Switchblades - The Contemporary Scene

Q & A with David Parker

Custom automatic knives at their best!

The "COMBAT" knife

Volume 1 Number 3

Out The Front: Front-Opener Switchblades

Hibbard, C., dirk, c.1866, patent drawings

McGovern, Bernard OTF, c.1884 patent drawings

NATO OTF, detailed schematics

Volume 1 Number 4

Bauer, AX, coil kickspring c.1896, patent drawings

Pull-Ball , Schrade c.1944 , patent drawings

THE LAW - State by State

Profile in Precision: John Hoskins

Volume 2 Number 1

Origins of the Switchblade Knife Act


THE LAW - Part Two

COILS: A Kick from the Past

Volume 2 Number 2

Kaufman , E c.1904 , patent drawings

Combat Automatics - Harry S. Oliver

Lookin' for Switchblades In All the Right Places - Jeffery King

Ones Man's Quest: A Switchblade Tale - J. Gus Field

Volume 2 Number 3

Hubertus, Factory visit

Rogers, L.U Defender Knife-Pistol c.1916, patent drawings

Rarest Case Switchblade - THE ZIPPER!

The 18th annual OKCA Show in review.

Volume 2 Number 4

Erickson, E.C./Queen Cutlery c.1948, patent drawings

From Prototype to Production

Halloween Heirloom - J. Katrenick

Volume 3 Number 1

First switchblades

PUMA! The Real Deal!


Volume 3 Number 2

FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE or Cough up some of that hard currency, Comrade!

Pocket Knife-Snap Blade - U.S. Government Issue

Rhode Island Goldsmith & Cutler - William James McHenry

Volume 3 Number 3

Knock-offs/Quality - Prof. Dan Fuller

The 19th Annual OKCA Show

Forget "The Needle" folks, THE VIPER is here!

Spring Steel Olé - Spanish Spring Steel

Volume 3 Number 4

Switchblades/weapons? - Prof. Dan Fuller


Book Reviews: KNIVES OF THE WORLD - Jean-Noel Mouret, KNIFE ALBUM - Col. Robert Mayes

Volume 4 Number 1

Movie switchblades - Prof. Dan Fuller

Schrade, G.M./Pull-Ball c.1944 patent drawings

Schrade, G/Pull-Ball variation c.1936, patent drawings

Whitehouse, W.T., coil kickspring c.1878, patent drawings

Volume 4 Number 2

Movie switchblades - Prof. Dan Fuller

Diamond Edge "Safety Press Button Knife" ad c. 1908

Before and After - Reese Torrit

Volume 4 Number 3

Switchblade Sisters review - Prof. Dan Fuller

Unwin & Rogers c.1790 - Dr. Pete McMickle

Switches of History

Volume 4 Number 4

Origin of word "Switchblade" - Prof. Dan Fuller

French c.1770-1790 - Dr. Pete McMickle

Rockin' a Hard Place - Bill McHenry

Volume 5 Number 1

Jack Benny with Peter Lorre 1950s - Prof. Dan Fuller

lbberson & Co., George c.1850-1875 - Dr. Pete McMickle

Jerry Rados - steel weaver

Volume 5 Number 2

Ken's interview - Prof. Dan Fuller

Bunting & Son, R. c.1837-1868 - Dr. Pete McMickle

Latama - The Golden Age of Switchblades

Volume 5 Number 3

Switch-Flicks - Prof. Dan Fuller

Kruschke c.1890 - Dr. Pete McMickle

Kruschke , R.C./w/button c.1891 , patent drawings

Volume 5 Number 4

Switchblades in movies - Prof. Dan Fuller

Pryor - c.1820-1845 - Dr. Pete McMickle

Early American - American Spring Steel from the 1940's

Volume 6 Number 1

The "Golden Age" of switchblades - Various types of collecting - Prof. Dan Fuller

Marshes & Shepard, Pond Works, Sheffield c.1840s - Dr. Pete McMickle

Switchblade lapel pins by Jason Williams

Volume 6 Number 2

Switchblades and the law - Possibility of switchblade show/meeting/convention - Prof. Dan Fuller

Unmarked, most unusual style/embellishments 19th century and coil fired - Dr. Pete McMickle

Sewing thimble w/coil fired blade c.1940

Volume 6 Number 3

First mention of "Switchblade Sisters" to rent - Bogus switchblades to watchout for - Prof. Dan Fuller

French sommelier's knife w/addl. penblade and corkscrew c.1880s - Dr. Pete McMickle

The BIG and Small of it! Italian display switches.

Volume 6 Number 4

Background on the makers of "Switchblade Sisters " - Entomology of the word switchblade - Prof. Dan Fuller

Rodgers & Sons, Sheffield, seaman's knife w/marlin spike - Dr. Pete McMickle

DRAGONSLAYER - MicroTech's new front-opener.

Volume 7 Number 1

Switch blades at shows - A talk with a fellow switchblade fan - Prof. Dan Fuller

Korn's Patent w/engraved, sculpted gutta percha scales, presentation knife - Dr. Pete McMickle

The Rumble, "Hot Time in a Cool Town"

Volume 7 Number 2

Switchblades and the internet - Several switch releated websites - Prof. Dan Fuller

Sheffield knifemaking tools, pommel molds c.1800s - Dr. Pete McMickle

Handmade Knives by Chuck Stewart

Volume 7 Number 3

Switchblades in movies - A look at the movie, "The Cross and the Switchblade" - Prof. Dan Fuller

Graefenberg, Navaja display knife - Dr. Pete McMickle

The Rumble, "Interview with The Viper"

Volume 7 Number 4

Searching for switchblades in the 60s - Looking for books on switchblades - Prof. Dan Fuller

Rogers, Sheffield w/high relief figural scales, mother of pearl spacers, Lingard-type action c.1830s - Dr. Pete McMickle

Jerry Rados - Master of the Forge

Volume 8 Number 1

The "AK-47" Russian-made switchblade-s-Covert switchblades - Prof. Dan Fuller

Bunting, Sheffield - Dr. Pete McMickle

Folding guard, mother of pearl scales, no markings - Dr. Pete McMickle

The Rumble, interview w/Charlie Dake

Volume 8 Number 2

Switchblade knife and the "Little Rascals" - Criminal use of a switchblade - Prof. Dan Fuller

PressButton salesmans sample-Unusual model - Dr. Pete McMickle

The Rumble, "The Magna Cutter"

Volume 8 Number 3

First switchblade - Friends and switchblades - Prof. Dan Fuller

Butcher's Superior Cutlery, Sheffield c.1800s - Dr. Pete McMickle

The Rumble, "Why Trash Paradise"

Volume 8 Number 4

Switchblade finds at knife shows - "Transition" switches - Prof. Dan Fuller

Samuel C. Wraggs Celebrated Dirk Knife c.1840s - Dr. Pete McMickle

The Rumble, S.O.C. (*Stream of Consiousness)

Volume 9 Number 1

Switchblades on ebay and blade auction - Switchblades in "Rebel Without a Cause" - Prof. Dan Fuller

Wolf, Schaffhausen, D-handled saber switch almost two feet o/a - Dr. Pete McMickle

The Rumble, Rizzuto Estileto

Volume 9 Number 2

Switchblades and pop culture - Switchblades in movies and song - Prof. Dan Fuller

Mappin, Brothers, Sheffield c.1850s figural pommel - Dr. Pete McMickle

The Rumble, "Brave New World"

Volume 9 Number 3

Research use of word "switchblade" - Vintage switchblade prose - Prof. Dan Fuller

Frosolone, c.1800s w/weight scale built into rear pommel - Dr. Pete McMickle

The Rumble, "The Mechanism"

Volume 9 Number 4

Tang stamp hunt begins - Knife repair/restorer interview - Prof. Dan Fuller

Frosolone w/cleaver "overblade" sheath c.1810 - Dr. Pete McMickle

The Rumble w/Knife glossary

Volume 10 Number 1

Tang stamp hunt continues - "Automatic Knives: A classification" - Prof. Dan Fuller

Flershiem Reinganum & Co. Sheffield dirk c.1850 - Dr. Pete McMickle

The Rumble , S.O.C.*

Volume 10 Number 2

About collecting - Tang stamp hunt continues on - Prof. Dan Fuller

PressButton dbl. ender prototype w/sliding safety, tortoise scales - Dr. Pete McMickle

PressButton Folding knife & fork w/ "A.A. Marks, New York" etched - Dr. Pete McMickle

The Rumble , Knifemaker's Guild & such

Volume 10 Number 3

Blade Show in Atlanta - Tang stamps added to list - Prof. Dan Fuller

Dalton Front-Openers

MANIAGO - Maserin & De Nardo

Volume 10 Number 4

A friend's passing away - Profile of collector - Prof. Dan Fuller

Kom's Patent, Criterion Quality", mother of pearl scales - Dr. Pete McMickle

The Rumble, S.O.C.*

Volume 11 Number 1

Dealing in the Dark: Collecting Switchblades in Post-Ban America - Prof. Dan Fuller

The First Picklocks From Maniago in Over 40 Years

A new "S.W.A.T." from Advanced Technologies

East Repeats West, Asian cutlery manufacturers reproducing US knife designs

Volume 11 Number 2

Frosolone, Italy

The Wilzin Automatic Knife - Dr. Pete McMickle

Weidmannsheil "Magnum #26" Display Knife

Volume 11 Number 3

2002 Blade Show recap - Prof. Dan Fuller

Maniago á Trois - Tim, Dan, and Brad in Italy

Air-Tight Double-Action Autos

French Spring Steel

Volume 11 Number 4

Black Beauty Switchblades - Prof. Dan Fuller

FOREIGN SPRING STEEL - Vincent Federico: A new switchblade book you must have!

Latama BIG TIME!

Volume 12 Number 1

Interview with Mark Erickson, author of Antique American Switchblades - Prof. Dan Fuller

Spring Steel Most Elegant

Serious Latama

Southpaw Spring Steel

Viva le France