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Vol. 7 No. 4

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Newsletter Contents:

  • "Jerry Rados-Master of the Forge". Wait’ll you see this gem on the cover.
  • Bill McHenry reports on "Switchcon One" in his latest "The Rumble".
  • Mini-switches--folding-guard Italinas--high tech French GT, ProTech and much, much more!!
  • Searching for switchblades in the 60s - Looking for books on switchblades - Prof. Dan Fuller
  • Rogers, Sheffield w/high relief figural scales, mother of pearl spacers, Lingard-type action c.1830s - Dr. Pete McMickle
  • Front-opener, Italian lever cocking c.1950
  • G.T. Knives, high-tech coil
  • Keychain, Hong Kong assorted figurals
  • Medici-style swing guard Italians
  • Pro Tech Knives, high-tech coil -
  • Rados, Jerry custom scale-release, abalone scales
  • Red Rose 12cm picklock
  • Rogers Sheffield, Lingard-type action c.1830
  • Solingen, Cutlery, Germany, posterelease
  • Swing-guard Italians, assorted