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Vol. 10 No. 3

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Newsletter Contents:

  • "Black Beauty", picklock extaordinare! A very cool feature w/original 50's ads.
  • Prof. Fuller takes you to the Blade Show in Atlanta.
  • A very special 19th century feature from Knife World's editor Mark Zalesky.
  • New high-tech spring steel from Dalton and ProTech
  • MANIAGO - Maserin & De Nardo
  • Black Beauty picklock, 23cm Italian
  • Dalton, Robbie "ASP", cocking OTF, cnc-milled
  • Dalton, Robbie "Cupid" cocking OTF, cnc-milled
  • Diamondback, nato-style OTF action, cnc-rnilled
  • Maniago, "Maserin & DeNardo" shotshell bolster
  • Maserin & DeNardo, Maniago shotshell bolster
  • Miller Bros. c.1884 gravity OTF
  • ProTech "Sidekick", mini cnc-rnilled coil
  • Vintage, "barrel"-shape novel. Ori gin unknown