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Vol. 3 No. 2

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Newsletter Contents:

  • FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE or Cough up some of that hard currency, Comrade!
  • "Pocket Knife-Snap Blade" - U.S. Government Issue
  • Rhode Island Goldsmith & Cutler - William James McHenry
  • French OTF c.1950s
  • Hoskins , John/Ron Skaggs engraved
  • Italian OTF c.l 950s
  • Italian, kit
  • Logan/Smyth paratrooper
  • McHenry, BilI/McHenry Forge, customs
  • Russian, AK model, exterior kick spring
  • Sanders, A.A. customs
  • Steigerwalt, Ken/custom mop scale-release
  • Vallotton, Butch/custom "Pocket Rocket"