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Vol. 10 No. 1

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Newsletter Contents:

  • Lots of new High-Tech autos from US manufacturers.
  • Start 'em young! Switch-like toys for kids. Portray as tools–Not weapon.
  • Tang stamp hunt continues - "Automatic Knives: A classification" - Prof. Dan Fuller
  • Flershiem Reinganum & Co. Sheffield dirk c.1850 - Dr. Pete McMickle
  • The Rumble , S.O.C.*
  • Ackermannchen, Italian w/torsion bar kickspring
  • Al Mar mini "S.E.R.T." cnc-milled coil
  • Dalton, Robbie, "Arc Angel" cnc-milled
  • Dalton, Robbie, "Militia Guardian" cnc-milled
  • Dalton, Robbie , scale-release cnc-milled
  • Flersheim Reinganum & Co., Sheffield c.1850s
  • Kit-Pop, toy combination switch
  • Microtech "Kestrel Hawk", cnc-milled coil
  • Microtech "LLC" bolster-release
  • ProTecb "W.R.Clark" model, coil
  • Sheffield c.1850s dbl. action mechanism