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Vol. 2 No. 4

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Newsletter Contents:

  • Erickson, E.C./Queen Cutlery c.1948, patent drawings
  • From Prototype to Production
  • Halloween Heirloom - J. Katrenick
  • Dake, Charlie/Gold lip, Color Custom Gallery
  • Fox, Paul/Custom Electric switchblade
  • Griffin, Rendon/mop Color Custom Gallery
  • Harris, Dewey/Titanium, Color Custom Gallery
  • Hoskins, John/ w/abalone Color Custom Gallery
  • Hubertus 9cm customized Color Gallery
  • Hubertus, abalone scales, Color Custom Gallery
  • Hubertus/fishing-camper model
  • Hucks, coils
  • Italian OTF c.1950s
  • J.W. dbl. ender, c. 1904 - Color Custom Gallery
  • Kabar, Union Cut. Co., lever
  • Miller/Ochs prototype
  • Queen Cutlery
  • Steigerwalt, Ken/scale-release - Color Gallery
  • Stewart, Chuck/mop insert trap Color Gallery