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Latama Quick Release Oil Testimonials

I am a professional angler with Triton, Bass boat and all. I have used your product on some of my reels, and have already seen the difference from one reel with and one without.
It really is surprising how much better the reels operate after applying QUICK RELEASE OIL. Over the past 9 years, I have always used Hot Sauce, which I thought worked pretty well. Yours beats it hands-down.
Michael R. Choler, MSgt.
USAF Retired

Walt! What is in QUICK RELEASE OIL that makes it work so good on specifically European made knives? Whatever it does, this is the greatest stuff ever and I am damn glad you came out with it! Thank you very much.
Josh Burbank
Pioneer Valley Knife and Tool

My 15-5/16" MANIAGO would hang up half way out but with a drop of QUICK RELEASE OIL on each side of tang area this 90 year old knife fires like the first day it was made by the golden hands of the MANIAGO artisans.
Myron Tupa

By the way, I ordered some of the Quick Release Oil lubricant. It is amazing stuff. It freed up several of my knives that oil and WD-40 couldn't take care of. Great product!
Steve T.

I run our family farm and have constant need for a sharp blade quickly. I carry a Press Button Invincible that had always been a little lazy, and subjected to constant chaff and grit in my pocket. I was amazed that I no longer had to clean and oil my knife weekly, the knife fired without fail and produced a resounding 'thwack' every time. I applied Quick Release Oil to my whole collection. One knife in particular never locked fully, either open or closed, but to my amazement, a liberal treatment had dissolved a century of rust and dirt that inhabited the lock up holes in my blade, and all that crap flowed from its recesses and returned function to that knife also.

We tried QUICK RELEASE OIL and found it to be better by far, than what we had been using. We have switched over to QUICK RELEASE OIL and using it exclusively on the thousands of custom knives, we create.
Michael J. Prater,
Michael Prater & Co.

I just love your QUICK RELEASE OIL! You really have come up with a good product!! P.S. When I run low, I'll be sure to order more from you.
Barbara Shook

I've used and loved knives since I was a kid, and my first switchblade came from Viet Nam in, 1967. Over the years I have used about just everything to maintain them, some pretty successfully , some not so successfully... Recently I purchased a Leveretto Plus, I have several, but for some reason this one jams constantly.
I've used everything, including cleaning and re-oiling. Nothing worked. While researching several sites I several of the testimonials for Quick Release Oil. Honestly, I've seen them before but figured they were "paid endorsements", or someone's uncle. Oil is oil, right? But, for a few dollars I decided to check it out.
This afternoon, 3/24/2011, my package received. I really didn't expect much. Neat packaging! Then I put a few drops on the normal friction points and manually moved the blade back and forward. To my surprise, but probably not your's, the action was working freely. As I continued to work the action it became more and more fluid!
Roger C. Ness

I tried QUICK RELEASE OIL and it works GREAT, definitely exceeded my expectations, and lots of it in the bottle. I was using hobby oil for toy trains for years, worked well but your stuff is noticeably better. QUICK RELEASE OIL really works!
Steve Gifford

Well, I got the Quick Release Oil lube and I am a total convert. I had the perfect knife for a test, a modern picklock that was beautiful in every way except that every so often the blade would not fire all the way. I had used Militec on it before. I put just the smallest amount of your stuff on it. Now it fires way faster than ever and has never failed to lock up once in like 50 or more firings. I highly recommend this stuff
Scott Orr

I just received your Quick Release Oil and put a few drops on the pivot point of the blade on my new 18" Campolin that would not fire straight up and fully open.
My God the stuff actually works miracles like in all the videos I've seen raving about you product! The 18 incher now fires straight up into the fully open and locked position!

Thank you vey much for offering this amazing lubricant! WD-40 sucks compared to this stuff!
Bob Scheurer

Hey Walt, got the package yesterday and it works just like the video claimed. Every older knife I put it in jumps and snaps like a Gator now! Had an old Imperial knife that hardly had any snap at all and brought it back to life.
Thanks again for a great product,

Re your Quick Release Oil : I purchased a stiletto from a company recently. When I got it I tried and tried to get it to fire and it would consistently halt about 3/4 of the way open. I sent it back. The company messed with it, put their oil on it, etc and told me it was OK. I told them to send it back so that I could fire it. Upon receiving it did fire about 10 times before seizing up again. About that time I got some of your Quick Release Oil in the mail. Since treating the knife with this product, I have fired it more than 60 times. It hasn't failed to open. Quick Release Oil truly is an amazing product.
Steve T.

This is the best oil for folding knives I have ever used. Thanks very much. Every knife maker I know will hear about this and I will be using your products exclusively from now on. Great product and great customer support, it doesn't get any better than that.
Michael Kanter

Got the parcel today, works very well on my autos AND slip joints too!!! Great product!!! Great service!!!

My Buddy and I have been cleaning some guns and he had an old 45 caliber that he is ready to throw away he was so mad at it. He just couldn't get the thing working. I gave him my Quick Release Oil, and he couldn't believe it. The Gun never worked this well since he had it, and that's over 25 years. So you have another customer.

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