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Knife Mechanisms - just for the fun of it!

From the opening SNAP! ...to the closing CLICK!

This is a guided tour through the inner working of folding knives. The parts and how they function. Assisted openers, automatic switchblades, lockback, slipjoint, and many more.

This is not an all inclusive book, but there is a ton of info. There is some bio on knife designers and makers, Hundreds and hundreds of drawings, photos, and illustrations. Discussions on mechanics, physics, and some knife bull thrown in also. We don't call it "just for the fun of it" for nothing.

There is a sample chapter on Kindle if you want to get an understanding of the general style book. It can get technical. Very technical. It can get lighthearted. It is neither a how to do it book nor a coffee table book. But if your are a serious pocket knife collector you might find it a fun book.

272 pages 8.5 x 11 inches. All black and white on the inside with color cover.