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Knives of the Hudson Valley 160 Years of American Cutlery History

About the Author

The book's author is Richard Langston who also authored The collector's guide to Switchblade knives, and was a co-founder of the Wawarsing Historical and Knife Museum.

Knives of the Hudson Valley examines at the knives produced in New York's Hudson River Valley from approximately 1840 to 2015. Written by Richard Langston, it is a 46-page full-color breakdown of over 160-years of the history of the cutlery industry in the Hudson Valley of New York State.

Including the stories of cutlers enticed by early American companies to relocate from England and the rest of Europe; it looks at the circumstances and reasons for this important segment of history.

Some of the companies that are touched on are Schrade, Walden, New York Knife, Ulster, Napanoch, Grahamsville, Honk Falls, Orange, G Kay Kipsi Kut, Nagle, Warwick, and L Bradley. 

The book contains many full-color pictures, including several with enlarged inserted tang stamp pictures of markings, rarely seen by most collectors.