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The Newsletter Vol. 8 No. 3

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Newsletter Contents:

  • Outstanding! Honest-to-goodness c. 1920's Italian PICKLOCK.
  • Finally–High-tech autos for Southpaws!
  • Restoration wizard Reese Torrit works his magic on a 33cm Latama. Gorgeous!
  • Rare vintage Spanich OTF from the World-Class WEST COLLECTION!
  • First switchblade - Friends and switchblades - Prof. Dan Fuller
  • Butcher's Superior Cutlery, Sheffield c.1800s - Dr. Pete McMickle
  • The Rumble, "Why Trash Paradise"
  • Bonsa "trap-door" OTF all stainless body
  • Butcher, James/Sheffield, c.1800s -
  • Dynamic Designs, high-tech coil for southpaws
  • Italian, "trap door" OTF c.1950s
  • Latama, 33cm picklock
  • Maniago, "Premiata, Societa, Coop, Maniago" 33cm picklock c.1920s
  • Maniago, "RANA/Colt.Riun,Maniago"
  • McHenry, William J. twin blade custom
  • ProTecb Knives, "Runt , high-tech coil
  • RANA/Maniago, c.1940s picklock
  • Ruibys, Vaidotas customs, Lithuania
  • Runt, ProTech Knives, High-tech coil
  • Toledo/Spain, OTF c.1940s
  • Vallotton, Butch "S.O.F." c.1995