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Walt's 24-inch Flat Guard Display Knife

“Wow” A full Two Feet of Italian Stiletto, special Renzo Pascotto, three pounds of Spring Steel. Only two were made because it is almost impossible to find Stag that thickness and length. We found two pair so only two were made. You will notice that display knives, when natural scale material is used, two-piece slabs on each side are used. The only exception would be wood handles. This unique example of Italian poetry includes a glass top wooden presentation case, large enough to display the Walt’s FLAT GUARD open.

Made exactly like its smaller brethren, with huge one-piece stag scales, brass liners and pins (back spring pin is steel), nickel silver bolsters, button, and safety. "Half Grind" bayonet blade of 5mm (3/8 inch) steel. It takes two hands to handle this whopper! So heavy that my desktop scale will not weigh it, my estimate is this knife weighs at least 3 pounds! Custom made by Renzo Pascotto. His signature etched, as well as Walt's Cat on the blade.

Unlike many large display stilettos, this knife is accurately proportioned with properly sized button and safety, Notably, this awe-inspiring display knife sets itself apart by its accurate proportions, making it a truly “Wow” addition to your collection.

Overall Length: 24"
Blade Length: 11”
Blade Grind: Half Grind
Blade Thickness: 5mm
Liners: Solid Brass
Handle Length: 13"
Handle Material: Stag
Color: Varies
Weight: 3 pounds
Country of Origin: Italy
Brand: Latama
Model: Walt's Flat Guard
Model Number: Display