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Walt's 28cm Custom SWINGUARD Plus Ruby “Exhibition Snakewood” C-SW-SN-HG11141

Walt's NEW CUSTOM “Exhibition Snakewood” Swinguard 2022 Edition start with a STRONGER and RUST RESISTANT 5mm back spring. Deploys FASTER than ever before with a solid lock up you can hear and feel. Along with our 440C signature Half Grind blade, much thicker than the norm. Featuring CUSTOM solid nickel silver bolsters, 1.2 mm thick brass coined liners held together with solid brass pins in the traditional fashion.

The user-friendly lock back, located at the base of the backspring, releases the blade with ease. The familiar LATAMA over Italy and Walt's stylized Cat tang stamp grace the 440C blade. A Genuine Ruby is set atop the release button.

Featuring "Exhibition Snakewood", among the hardest, heaviest woods in the world, exhibiting a unique snakeskin pattern, would probably feel right at home in your CUSTOM knife collection.

File Work: Custom
Liners: Thorn/Vine
Overall Length: 28cm
Blade Length: 5.125"
Blade Material: 440C
Blade Grind: Half Grind
Blade Thickness: 0.20"
Liners: 1.2mm Solid Brass
Handle Length: 5.75"
Handle Material: Snakewood
Release Button: Ruby
Color: Dark Wood Pattern
Weight: 6.6 oz.
Country of Origin: Italy
Brand: Latama
Model: Custom 28cm Swinguard
Model Number: C-SW-SN-HG11141