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Walt's CUSTOM 5mm "Green Pinecone" Half Grind Swinguard C-SW-GP-HG11354

Each Walt's Custom Swinguard starts with solid nickel silver swivel bolsters, a hefty 5mm back spring, and solid brass liners held together with nickel silver pins.

This beautiful piece is complete with extensive custom file-work and coined liners, making this fine-tuned knife stand out. Our Swinguard blade deploys fast and furious with solid lock up you can hear and feel. The release button is etched with a 5-point star and the knife is complete with custom nickel silver notched guards. 

Pine cones and resin are used to make these exotic and very distinctive knife handles. This piece features a green pinecone look that is unique and will be sure to make a statement in your knife collection.

File Work: Yes
Coined Liners: Yes
Overall Length: 11"
Blade Length: 5.125"
Blade Material: 440C
Blade Grind: Half Grind
Blade Thickness: 0.20"
Liners: 1.2mm Solid Brass
Handle Length: 5.875"
Handle Material: Green Pinecone
Color: Varies
Weight: 4.6 oz.
Country of Origin: Italy
Brand: Latama
Model: Walt's Custom
Model Number: C-SW-GP-HG11354